Warren Tessier was born to Johan and Eyvette of the noble house Tessier of Waterdeep. As the youngest of three brothers he would not take the title of lord or chevalier, affording him the opportunity to pursue an education in the bardic arts and travel.

At the age of 22 he became the last living member of his family. Rumors spread among the nobility that his father Johan was one of the Lords of Waterdeep. During a period of economic unrest Johan became the target of a series of politically motivated attacks. The economic situation reached a boiling point when the Lords of Waterdeep authorized a trade embargo against the mithril mining dwarven clans to the north of the city. During a masquerade the House Tessier estate was razed to the ground by dwarven assassins with the Tessiers inside. Warren survived the ordeal by hiding in the body of a stone encased organ.

Warren is driven to rebuild his family's fortune and seek justice against those who murdered his family.

Notable Traits:

Classically Trained Violinist